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Your physician advised Shark you to definitely Rio’s condition had worsened a half hour past

Your physician advised Shark you to definitely Rio’s condition had worsened a half hour past

Barian Attack [ modify ]

1 day shortly after college or university, Shark visited see Rio on health, however, went to your Yuma on your way, just who ideal they Duel. Shark apologizes and you may refuses Yuma just like the informed him he previously in order to go find Rio, then experienced this new coming of Girag. Getting an urgent name regarding the hospital throughout the Rio, Shark rushed truth be told there having Yuma and you may Tori to obtain Rio sobbing out in aches. Rio advertised one disaster are coming which “they” was in fact coming to do the most crucial topic, though Shark are perplexed who will be “they”. Yuma is titled off to save yourself their nearest and dearest from Fender, Shark made an effort to pursue, but Rio clutched their hands and prevented him. [57] Later, Shark sooner remaining a medical facility and intercepted element of Fender’s group, while Kite intercepted various other element of they. The two defeated them then reach Heartland Academy to tell Fender regarding his gang’s incapacity and provide their service to Yuma to take on contrary to the Barian Industry. [28]

Since Rio started to return to university, Shark kept their property in place of their and you will rushed to college

If you find yourself leaving college or university, Shark try approached by the Art Stanley, this new maker of your own Comical Publication Like Pub, who would like to utilized your because the design for their comic. The guy shown Shark his character profile habits he had mainly based away from Shark, however, Shark shrugged him out of. Whenever going to Rio, he provided the lady among rings from their youth, unknown one Artwork is prying into the your. When Shark read that Rio’s operation was successful, the guy went to score the woman when she are discharged, however, was met from the Art once more. Ways advised him that he got his sister and that they would need to Duel. Unbeknownst in order to Shark, Ways was helping the latest Barian World, which have getting Girag’s latest pawn. When Shark tried to restrict one of Art’s movements that have “Zeus’ Air”, Artwork threatened Rio and you will Shark picked not to trigger his card. Trying to face good “Number”, Artwork provided Shark the constituents he needed to Summon “Shark Drake”, and that Shark did. Artwork countered that it from the Ranking Up his “Comics Champion Queen Arthur” for the “CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur”. Because the Shark remembered new bands away from their sis, the power of the thread shattered the fresh new Barian’s secret and you may Rio try freed. The newest bandages flew away from the woman face and you may she insulted Shark’s Dueling experience once she opened her sight, in order to his aggravation. Now in a position to Duel on his most useful, Shark beaten Art with “Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss”. Shark next reunited with his cousin and you will transmitted her aside. After at school, Shark was found an effective samurai-attracting regarding themselves of the Artwork, however, he nonetheless displayed absolutely nothing demand for it and moved off. [12]

Despite seeking to are unseen, the guy got together with Yuma, exactly who requested your what exactly is incorrect. Shark started initially to establish that which was wrong, but was interrupted from the Rio’s arrival, along with her contacting him suggest to have making in the place of their. After, Shark consumed meal with Rio, Yuma, and his awesome relatives atop from a roof, even in the event Shark sat apart from the category. Whenever Rio come to talk about him, Shark slashed their out of and lesbian hookup dating app free you can yelled on this lady, however, avoided just after Rio glared at your. Immediately after watching a small grouping of guys and you will Bronk smitten having Rio, Shark informed them one Rio is actually an “freeze girl” and they will discover what the guy form in the near future. Later on, Shark privately watched Rio Duel up against Lotus Hanazoe and goes to the lady shortly after she gains, contacting the lady Duel “so-so” and you may questioned if the she means any advice of him. Whenever you are strolling family, Shark discussions that have Yuma regarding the Rio, right after which teased the woman you to she hid behind him whenever she got scared of the a cat, causing Rio contacting him an excellent “meanie”. [16] Whenever Yuma stored a good “Friendship Games” once the means for their household members and you will Rio to prevent assaulting having both, Shark was somehow dragged in it as well, and hesitantly participated in they. He had been matched up up with Yuma, and you can were able to lay their team in the lead which have their knowledge when you look at the Dueling and you can sporting events. But not, Shark departs commit house in advance of the guy and Yuma you are going to face Tori and Cathy about finally Duel, leaving Rio and you may Caswell to describe his unwillingness to stay the newest competition anymore. [10]

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