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Cashalo Loan – The Fintech Company That Helps Filipinos Get Credit Without a Bank Account

By November 5, 2022May 21st, 2023News

Cashalo loan is a mobile application that provides people the chance to acquire credit without any requirement for a bank account. The software focuses on societal and initiate easily transportable advances and it has been downloaded at least 2 million times. The fintech company’s customer support is open up around the clock and its specifications are not as strict as banks.

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The company’s main objective is to help individuals who don’t have a good credit score and need an additional source of funds. This could be for a holiday or for a large purchase. The application is available on Android and iOS devices. It has an easy to use interface and requires a minimum of information to sign up. Once the user has signed up, they can then select their preferred payment term and start shopping. The app will then calculate their payments and show them how much they owe.

Angluben said that the application has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times in eight months and the company has disbursed funds to “hundreds of thousands of borrowers.” The loan is tied to an individual transaction rather than an appliance, so it can be used for a wide range of purchases. The company also claims to offer low interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

While the app has a number of advantages, it’s not without its share of criticism. Some users have complained that it’s too expensive or a scam. Others have said that it’s difficult to repay the loan and that it’s not worth the hassle. The company has addressed some of these concerns in recent updates to the app, and it’s working on ways to improve the overall experience.

One such feature is a 0% interest shopping feature that allows users to shop in installments at Cashalo partner stores. The service will let users pay for their items in three-, six- or nine-month installments, depending on their preferences. The app also has a cash-out option that lets users choose how they’d like to receive their money, including a direct deposit to their bank account or through GCash.

The company’s newest product, Cashacart, is designed to help Filipinos get the appliances they need for their home or business. The company’s first basket financing product, it lets consumers buy a combination of different appliances for a fixed monthly fee. The program will also provide a warranty and maintenance support. In addition to this, the app will provide customers with discounts and deals on electronics and appliances. It is also free to download and use. In order to qualify for the program, a person must be 18 years old and have a valid ID. The application process is simple and takes minutes. Cashacart is available nationwide and offers a range of financing plans. Customers can apply online or in-store. Depending on their eligibility, they may be approved for up to P10,000. Moreover, the company will provide them with a payment schedule and a list of eligible retailers.